Why Outsource :
Outsourcing is the best option if you are looking to minimize costs without compromising on the quality of services.Outsourcing to India is now more about high quality rather than cost. Indian companies are fast scaling up to match or surpass international quality standards and are ensuring that they stay ahead through stable quality systems and continuous quality improvement. Outsourcing with Indian experts who are very much concerned with the quality and service provided by them will help you in concentrating on the other areas of work which in turn will provide maximum benefit to your company.
Why India :
India has effectively provided efficient software and web solutions to global clients . It is not surprising that corporate giants in the United States, Europe, and Japan are increasingly looking to India for cost-effective and high-quality software solutions. In fact, a ‘World Bank-funded study in the United States confirmed that vendors rated India as their number one choice for outsourcing’.

Benefits of outsourcing to UnifyHiTech

  Access to Expertise :
UnifyHiTech has accumulated considerable expertise in different technologies and business domains. Our experience ranges from website design and web application programming to development and integration of complex web-based or stand-alone enterprise systems. We have strong competence in ASP and PHP based web technologies like Code Igniter, Joomla, Xoops , Smarty, Wordpress, PHPBB, Rayzz, SugarCRM.
  High-Skilled Team :
UnifyHiTech has a team of IT specialists with wide knowledge and extensive experience. Our effective hiring strategy, internal trainings and proper motivation practices enables us to hire and retain the best-of-breed IT professionals .
  Flexibility and Scalability :
UnifyHiTech is a one-stop IT solutions provider offering a full-cycle software services and able to serve all your software development needs. We offer flexible engagement schemes enabling you to decrease or increase the team size or involve specialists with different expertise when your business requirements change. This lets you optimize the team performance and the cost structure to get the maximum ROI out of the outsourcing engagement.
  Confidentially and Intellectual Property Protection :
At UnifyHiTech we take comprehensive measures to secure the clients’ confidential information. We have a set of policies and procedures to protect your business sensitive information and software artifacts (source codes, specification, etc.). After the project is finished, you retain the source codes and all IP rights on developed software.
  Cost Savings :
We offer competitive hourly rates considerably lower than EU or US service providers while keeping upper-level standards of quality and reliability.
  Seamless Communication :
UnifyHiTech realizes the vital importance of effective communication for outsourcing projects. We aim to create and maintain a productive and secure communication flow.
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